About Voting Portals

Voting Portals.com is a proprietary software system and network of unique private portals providing voting, broadcasting, and other online capabilities to companies, not-for profit organizations, and government agencies. We offer the most advanced platform today in online voting and related services. Among other premier portal networks, we own and operate Condo.voting, HOA.voting, UnionElection.voting, Municipal.voting and StudentVoting.org.

Our custom software programs are created in the most user-friendly way possible and are highly functional allowing users to vote in elections and on issues in a secure manner. We use a verified software platform, encrypted voting codes, and have multiple levels of credential authentication. Each account portal can be fully customized by the in-house administrator including using logos, links to their favorite websites, and the ability to add photos to create a familiar look and feel to their portal.

Our dynamic platform allows the user to be able to view video recordings and/or live streaming video from meetings, presentations, special events, and watch from anywhere in the world as voting and other activities occur on their mobile device or computer. Administrators can also upload messages, videos and other content they wish to display to their users, as well as send mass emails, keep roster information organized, and track other status matters. All meetings and other live streaming events are automatically recorded so that members can view the same later if they miss the simulcast transmission. The archive section stores all recorded meetings as well as any messages the association wishes to post. And since Voting Portals, LLC is a software development company it continues to pioneer, innovate, and customize voting platforms for its customers.